Evolvable Sound Visuals, 2019

Over the course of the night at ONG2, participants “evolved” 32 generations of sounds by listening to over 150 individual sounds. At the end of the night, the highest-rated sounds were combined to form this composition.

Show-goers used an interactive terminal running on a Raspberry Pi to “evolve” sounds by hearing and rating them. The program uses the “evolvable” programming library to interface humans and Sonic Pi, a live coding music programming environment.

Two weeks later, I extended it for a show in the same space by creating more sample variation possibilities. I also added a custom-built interface using Arduino and visuals using Visor, a live visualization programming environment built on top of Processing. The visuals reacted to participants’ use of a potentiometer that was used to select ratings. I also represented visually the ever-evolving sound instructions for Sonic Pi. The projected code responded visually to the live audio using an FFT.