I collaborated with Justin Enoch and Dwight Portocarrero to produce an immersive landscape for ONG3. I was responsible for wiring custom-built pressure sensors made out of velostat to an Arduino which communicated with a raspberry pi running an “evolvable light” program. The pressure sensors were installed underneath the soil mounds sculpted by Dwight. As the night went on, the lights’ patterns evolved in response to peoples’ movements through the landscape.

I wrote about the night for ONG; here's an excerpt: 

On the 2nd-floor balcony of Treffpunkt, the thumps of the basement collided with the metallic wilderness sounds of Justin Enoch, produced to ambulate over an immersive, hybrid garden sculpted by Dwight Portocarrero. Embedded in the soil mounds of the hybrid garden were small, “evolvable” spotlights that illuminated Portocarrero’s hybrid plant sculptures and whose properties continually morphed depending on the movements of people through the garden.